sábado, 29 de octubre de 2011

Para todos los  que nos abrazan

hay alguien
(there is someone)

como yo
(like me)

in this wolrd
(en este mundo)

el movimiento me tranquiliza, moverme siempre, irme, escapar
scape from everything that i don´t like.

I believe,
don´t matters on what..

The jump, The breath, The shout

i know
(yo se)
there is someone
(hay alguien)
like me
(como yo)

in the wold.
waiting for us under this sky.

3 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Ay amiga! Me encantó!

Life goes on, gets so heavy
The wheel breaks the butterfly
Every tear a waterfall
In the night, the stormy night
She'd close her eyes
In the night, the stormy night
Away she'd fly ♪



Guillermita dijo...

Exist people like you everywhere search for them...
Como soñar si no puedes ver...?
Siempre me pregunté como soñaran los ciegos...

Anónimo dijo...

I don't even know what I am doing in this site. Google has funny ways to deliver us to a strange/unknown place on cyberspace.
Although I used to learn some spanish during my school's years, it is hard to understand what is written here in this blog. I guess I am communicating with someone from latin america, rather than Spain, or perhaps the philippines? Nevermind, I won't have a bliss of chance: I would like to meet this girl, Flor, but it is illusory. We live in different worlds, although we may feel the same.